Ben je topsporter of wil je dat graag worden? Dan weet je al dat voeding en lichaamssamenstelling een zeer belangrijke rol spelen in het hele proces. Als één van de eerste Gekwalificeerde Sportdiëtisten in België met intussen meer dan 25 jaar ervaring adviseer ik je graag op weg naar een betere prestatie. (Afstudeerjaar 1996 Nationaal Instituut voor Sport en Gezondheid Arnhem)

Hoe breng je je energiepeil en uithouding naar een optimaal niveau tijdens die bepaalde wedstrijd? Hoe bekom en behoud je je ideale trainings- of wedstrijdgewicht? Hoe doseer je je krachten om ook in de finale nog te kunnen presteren? Hoe moet je je voeding aanpassen tijdens blessure- of rustperiodes? …

Sports nutrition coaching for professional athletes

By Sports Nutritionist, recognized dietitian Tanja Callewaert : I coach and support all my athletes personally, my max capacity is 50 supervised athletes at the same time.


You give me :

Training plans, training diary, wattages, heart rate zones and measurements (e.g. access to your polar flow system), training specifications (technique, strength, posture, ...) season and competition planning. General eating habits, preferences, cooking capacities, hotel details ... The possibility to attend at least one training!

I give You :

Personal calculation of your nutritional needs. Elaborated daily schedule (nutrition). Before and after workout snacks, brands, recipes. Afterwards, I will be available for 3 months (mail, whats app, zoom, live) to explain your eating instructions, answer questions, adjust your schedule and make changes. I will consult with the other experts from your coaching team (trainer, physiotherapist, mental coach, federation, parents, partner ...)

Included :

Unlimited access to my expertise and more than 25 years of experience in sports nutrition  for improving your personal nutritional status. (mail, whats app, zoom, live). Unlimited number (take into account my availability) BIVA - measurements (at my practice or at your training/home/hotel location) to map your body composition, follow up and adjust your nutritional schedule.

FOLOW UP ATLETES : 999€ for 1 year

If you want a permanent helpline for your personal sports nutrition to improve your performance after the start-up, you can register for permanent guidance. This means the same as the start-up but on a permanent basis throughout your career. (to be reviewed year by year).                                                                                                                                                      Extra included for annual members : 2 days of supervision on an training camp /training days (at home or abroad). I will follow you for 2 days, what you do, what you eat, how you train, I consult with hotels and cooks, about how to prepare your food, what requirements there are. I consult with trainers and coaches to tailor your diet completely. (excluding accommodation and travel costs). Do you want me to follow your entire training camp? then you pay 250 € per day from the 4th day.  

Your personal cook?: I will cook for you on your training camp

The cream of the crop, a personal sports dietitian who knows you and cooks for you. And remember I cooked for World Champions. I write the menu based on your training schedule and your preferences, make the orders, buy, have it delivered, go fetch and prepare the food* for you (up to 5 meals/snacks per day, up to 10 days). You pay my personal fee which is 325 € / day** ( 1-5 athletes or persons, including coaches, parents, partners), 550€/day (6-10 persons) on top of that you pay the actual food costs (wholesale purchase price = 15-25€/person/day depending on your menu preferences and the country you stay), You also pay for my travel and accommodation expenses (private room). More than 10 athletes or more than 10 days? (price on demand)

*Basic kitchen must be present (oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, stove, and basic cooking tools)                                                                                                        **Individual nutritional advice by recognized dietitians is exempt from VAT. All other prices are excl. 21% VAT

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